In this role, I’m focused on the build-out and expansion of network. I’m responsible for the development and implementation IT infrastructure.

Knowledge And Experience:

IT Operations

  • I’m Provision hardware, software, and network in our networks (and other IT),
  • Design, implement and maintain security for the system, network, firewall, and devices
  • Develop and control IT policy across all sites 
  • Maintain and optimize company networks and services (Cloud/on-premises)
  • Be Administrator of Linux / Azure AD Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Server, Database, Cloud web hosting, Endpoint Security and other infrastructure devices
  • Monitor and Maintain Backup process, Recovery plan, and System security operations (e.g. LDAP user authorization, Access control, endpoints)
  • Manage installations, upgrades, and configurations of network, firewall, and server
  • Assess and review system performance and recommend improvements
  • Provide support
  • Manage vendor/supplier who provide system and security services
  • Monitor all cyber security news and take action to minimize for company
  • Direct the design, planning, implementation, and management of the computing infrastructure and security that supports the TH company.
  • Installation and configuration of VPN solution for work from home (COVID-19)
  • Maintained the host system on Google Cloud Platform   
  • Keep up to date with the latest software and firmware and Antivirus.

Back-office Support

  • Maintain oversight of Time Attendance software & user support (contact directly to supplier and vendor)
  • Created Web hosting on Google Cloud Platform
  • Google Maps for business
  • Sales Analytical project

Support / integration

  • Collaborate and consult with Marketing & Communication team for online advertising (Google / Facebook), App infrastructure.
  • Collaborate and consult the BR manager for Google Maps for business.
  • Produce all associated documentation (installation and administration guide, inputs for recovery system)

Collaboration projects (Lead & support)

  • Collaborate with Marketing & Communication team and agency partners for Google / Facebook ads.
  • Maintain oversight of Google Maps for Marketing
  • Current knowledge in leading Digital marketing solutions
  • Web hosting project (Google Cloud Platform)
  • Created Hosting for the website and maintained the host system. 
  • Webinar for Workshop
  • Design and implement a system for Webinar.
  • Support oversight of the Sales Analytical IT project.


  • I’m collaborating with internal teams (Marketing & Communication Department, or special projects).
  • Create documentation and manage remote contractors to complete our installations and upgrades including hardware manufacturers and network providers.
  • Aggressively seek opportunities to introduce cutting-edge technology and automation solutions that are effective, efficient, and scalable in order to improve our ability to deploy and maintain.

Collaboration responsibilities:

Marketing team & Marketing & Communication support

  • Google Ads
  • Google Business Maps
  • Facebook Ads

Website project

  • Back-end support

Collaboration projects (Lead & support)

  • Improve HR management system (Attendance Software)
  • Setup new WiFi to support Web based software project

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